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I used to think I couldn't be without you, be without you
Now that you're gone I feel happy as hell
Wait up for me, I can breathe without you, breathe without you (Ayy, ayy)
Now that you’re gone I feel lighter (Nathan)

I’m feelin' so good like a fat man with a peng ting
Feelin’ so high like a black Yao Ming
Call me Godzilla 'cause I got a big part
Went through war, got a purple heart
Needed my space, time, recovery
Now man's ace quick summary
New discovery, losin' that way
Post on the ’Gram 'cause I'm just bait
I'm way too slick with it, John Wick with it
I'm takin' bare shots in a quick minute
More drinks with it, let's sit with it
Still end up in a bed with a chick in it
VVS warm on my chain bust down
Been through a lot now a man's got a crown
KSI verified, stay schemin', self-believin', you know I

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